First Class Study

The growth of online tutoring has been considerable over the years and for good reason where many academic studies have concluded its benefits both on its own as well as indeed some of its advantages over traditional schooling. This growth has been achieved alongside advances in educational technology where it has allowed the online experience to become even more engaging. 

We at First Class Study together with the educational benefits that technology provides, aim to provide a first class learning platform where your child can excel. We are confident that once you have been informed of all the aspects of our services you will fully appreciate the quality and strength of purpose in our organisation. has been established with several underlying and important principles in mind: 

1. That every child matters regardless of ability and social standing. 

2. The provision of a safe, convenient, welcoming and engaging learning environment. 

3. To provide effective and meticulous teaching where pupils can develop and achieve their true potential. 

​4. To employ fully qualified, experienced and DBS (Criminal Record Checked) Tutors and that they act also as excellent role models and mentors. 

5. Realise high expectations of students and parents alike.